About DNA Investment Properties

Founded by David Le Blanc back in 2005, DNA Properties prides itself on delivering quality real estate solutions into the growing Melbourne market. Property investment can be a great investment vehicle when managed by professionals with the experience to deliver superior outcomes.

  • Thorough (conservative) feasibility

  • Knowing the target market
  • Knowing the end sale value at todays price! You cannot bank on future capital growth as part of the feasibility
  • Knowing how to work with builders to ensure a cost effective build in a timely manner without dispute
  • Working with specialist real estate agents who know how to market locally and internationally
  • Ensuring interior and exterior design meet market demand and expectations
  • Marketing the end product in a professional manner that targets a specific buyer (not pitching to everyone)

By partnering with DNA Properties you will maximise your chances of delivering a profitable project in a timely manner.

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